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Dr. Charles S. Price 1887-1947

 The Real Faith (pdf) It is not our faith, but the faith of God in us.  This rare work by the early Pentecostal  healing evangelist Charles Price, was penned near the end of his life and sums up what he has seen regarding faith and healing after many years of heart-searching: "I think I know the answer! I am sure in my own heart that I have discovered what has been wrong. I can see now where so many missed the way. The only thing to do is to ask the Spirit to lead us back to the fork in the road where, because of our blindness, we left the trail. Then once again can we walk on the Kings Highway of grace and prove in heart and experience that the Book is true and that our Jesus never fails. Remember that!".  The difference between "faith" and "belief" must be understood.  Chapters 12 and 13 deal with holiness and consecration as related to the above. (58 pages by Charles Price.  1940) 

It is not our faith in God, but God's faith in us...

Excerpts from "The Real Faith:" Here was an object lesson which God, who became man, was going to use in order that men might understand God in their humanity. There was a motive behind the cursing of the tree. So Jesus said, �Have faith in God.� By my side is my Greek Testament. Let me quote word for word that entire sentence in the order in which the words come, remembering that the structure of Greek sentences is different from that of our English. Here is the sentence in the Greek: �And answering, the Jesus says to them: �Have you faith of God?�� That is the actual, word-for-word translation from the original.

   Then the Master went on to tell them that if they had such a faith, not only would a little fig tree dry up at the exercise of such faith, but that mountains could be removed and cast into the sea. The lesson was that of the irresistible power of the faith that was the faith of God. It was indeed mountain-moving faith. One of the requirements, as you will see by reading the record in Mark 11:22-26 is that there be no doubt in the heart about the consummation of the miracle�nothing but a belief that the thing you desire and pray for will come to pass. When those conditions are met, then the miracle �whatever it is�has to happen; for back of it is the Word of God, and back of His Word is His power.

   ...There is a great deal of difference between what we call the faith of man in God, and the faith of God that is imparted to man. Such faith is not the child of effort, neither is it born of struggle. If it is the faith of God, then we get it from Him, and not from our mental attitudes or affirmations. Jesus did not say, �If you have the power to believe that God will remove that mountain, then He will do it.� Neither did He say, �If you can believe hard enough that it is done, then it will be done.� But He did say, �Have the faith of God.�

In other words, get some of God�s faith; and then when you have that, you will have the only power with which mountains can be moved and cast into the sea. But you tell me that in the second part of His statement He talks about believing with the heart and having no doubts. The second is impossible without the first. You simply cannot believe without the alloy of doubt until you have the faith of God. It takes God�s faith to clean up these human hearts of ours of all the debris, the fears, misgivings and doubts. The groans and the struggles we have heard come from people who have tried to believe it is done without having God�s faith! They might have confidence in His power, and belief in His promise; but to possess His faith is something else. All this has led me to believe that it is far more important that we seek the Healer than healing.


III.D.3.a The Real Faith; the Testimony of Dr. Charles Price (Must read) ...Dr. Price concluded that faith is a living thing that can only come from God.  While many make faith �a condition of mind,� it is rather a matter of �divinely imparted grace.�  We may end our foolish struggle to �believe� at such time we �come to the realization that we can receive faith only as He gives it.� Dr. Price cautioned against any teaching which tries to manipulate the mind into �believing.�  He writes: . . . when we try to believe ourselves into an experience, we are getting  into a metaphysical realm.  But faith is spiritual . . . warm and vital . . . it lives and throbs; and its power is irresistible, when it is imparted to the heart by the Lord.  It is with the heart that man believes unto righteousness.  Heart belief opens the door of communication between us and the Lord and a divinely imparted faith becomes possible.


(See also: The God Kind of Faith - A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Defense - Part 1 & Part 2 by Troy J. Edwards.)


Hebrews 6:9-12 - But, beloved, we are persuaded better things of you, and things that accompany salvation, though we thus speak. For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which ye have showed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister. And we desire that every one of you do show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end: That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.  

The Origins of Faith, by Charles S. Price (This post is from his book The Real Faith)    ... If through these pages I can lead those dear children of God, who have not seen the full fruit of the victory of faith, back to the clear teaching of the Book and to ultimate victory, then this heart of mine will be happy and these pages, written in prayer, will not fail in their mission. The thing above all else I want you to see is that you cannot generate it; you cannot work it up; you cannot manufacture it. It is imparted and infused by God Himself. You cannot sit in your homes and struggle to have faith, and affirm that something is; nor can you turn your hope and desire into faith by your own power. The only place you can get it is from the Lord, for the Word clearly and distinctly states that faith is one of two things. It is either a gift of God, or it is a fruit of the Spirit.
    ...So it is with faith. Love may be the greatest thing in the world, but faith must of necessity be the first. Without faith it is impossible to please God. But you tell me that you have faith. I ask you where you got it.
    ...When will we stop our foolish and needless struggles and begin to believe? When will we put an end to our unscriptural mental and intellectual gyrations in our attempt to find a faith we do not possess; for unless we get it from God, never will we possess that Faith! We are capable of belief and at the same time absolutely incapable of the exercise of Bible faith. Thousands have wandered into the error of thinking that belief is faith. It is not. There is belief in faith, without a doubt; but "the devils also believe." Belief is cold, intellectual. It operates as far as the human goes in the realms of intellect. Many sinful men believe the Bible, but such belief does not save them.
    ...The blind man did not sit in the sand and say to himself, "I am healed, I can see, I can see, now if only I can believe I am healed and can see, then I will be!" No. He heard that Jesus of Nazareth was passing by. He cried, "Jesus! Jesus! Help me! Please help me, for I can not help myself!" Then do not forget the words of Jesus, "What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?" Mark you, it was not "What wilt thou that you should do," but "What do you want Me to do?" True, He said. "Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole." "Thy faith," said Jesus.
   Where did the blind man get it? Who gave it to him? If it was his faith all the time, why was he not healed before Jesus came that way? If you give me a watch, it is my watch. But I got it from you. There is faith in my heart as I write, but I know where I got it. Not affirmation, not from will, not from belief, not from mental grasps or understandings, but from Jesus. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. Oh, matchless grace! Oh, love divine, all love excelling! Thus has the joy of heaven to earth come down!  

The Real Faith  (Available at Amazon)

 The Real Faith for Healing This version has been edited and rewritten to modernize Dr. Price's original writing, "The Real Faith ." It has been  expanded to include a section on miracles from his autobiography, And Signs Followed, The Story of Charles S. Price.

 "The Meaning of Faith" (HTML Book)

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 - And Signs Followed - The Story of Charles S. Price (Auto Biography and Sermons) Dr. Price's autobiography is "My Story" reprinted in 1972 as "And Signs Followed," which also contained a separate section detailing some miracles that occurred under his ministry.