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 Published in Golden Grain Volume 29 #7 - December, 1954


The 'land flowing with milk and honey' is within you. The preparation of the feast has been accomplished. The lighted way for thy feet to travel and the heart made mature with understand ing has been given thee. Thou shalt diligently pursue the way that leadeth toward that place of understanding and liberty, for thou shalt know in thine heart and pursue in thy course that which has been given thee of the Lord. Thou shalt hear in thine ear a voice saying unto thee, "This is the way, walk ye in it,' and thou shalt know of a cer tainty that as thou dost pursue the course of the way of thy God, thou shalt find for thee that dwelling place in thy God where no ravenous beast can enter and that which maketh a lie is without.

 The paths of the Lord are pleasant paths, and that which thou art pursuing leadeth to the throne room of thy God, where thou shalt commune with thy God day and night. Thou shalt have an understanding and a spirit void of offense; and thou shalt know that as thou dost perceive the way of the Lord, thou shalt rejoice, for thou goest not in alone in that place of fellow ship, for thou takest with thee thy brother and thy sister. Thou art permitted to be an ensample for those that perceive thou hast been with the Lord. Thou shalt be clothed upon with the glorious garment of modesty and thou shalt be made perceptive, for that mind which is in thee is that mind which was also in Christ Jesus, thy Lord. With that mind, void of offense, with thine heart set in willing obedience, and with thy will surrendered, wilt thou not know the pleasant ways which are of the Lord?

 Yea, I say unto thee, thou shalt indeed not only know them, but thou shalt pursue that way, the way of thy God. Thou shalt hear from thy left side the voices of confusion and thou shalt hear on thy right side the jangling of a bewildered multitude, but thou shalt say in thy heart, 'Upon Thee, My Lord, have I fixed my gaze, and unto thee will I pursue my course.

 Let the love of God penetrate thine heart that thy journey may be pursued with sympathetic helpfulness toward thy fellow-man; but that nothing disturbs the course of thy journey, thou hast received divine enablement. It is the Lord that maketh thy course straight and it is to the voice of thy God that thou hast attuned thine heart, and thou hast been willing to reflect only that which has been given thee of the Lord. Thy journey is in the course that has been illuminated as thou hast taken a step at a time, for thou knowest not what lieth ahead, but thou hast meditated in thine heart that while it is yet day and the light of understanding has been given of the Lord, 'I will sojourn with Him.' On that course which the Spirit of the Lord ministers through thee, as He laveth His hand upon those that inquire for Him thou shalt say with assurance, unto those who seek the Lord: 'This is the Way, walk ye in it.' This is the course for thy feet to travel and thou shalt meditate upon the Lord the God and thou shalt declare in thine heart "To Him will I bow my knee and to Him shall I give the glory and the honor;" and unto those who have been established in their heart, though that course leadeth through the briars of misunderstanding and unbelief to that place of surrender__the eye single and a heart made ready for the King__then "thou too shalt journey on to know Him in the power of the Resurrection and in the fellow ship of His suffering; and thou shalt be made conformable unto His image and thou shalt be set apart that the purposes of Almighty God may be accomplished in thy life, for thy way has been a way of rote and thy thoughts have been thoughts of limitations; but the thoughts and the meditations that thou shalt henceforth embrace shall be given thee of the liberating Spirit of thy God, and thou shalt be freed from the thoughts of limi tation and the way of discouragement"

 Though thou passest through the storms, thou shalt move steadfastly, adhering to the course which I shall give thee; and thou shalt not know the chartering of thy steps, but thou shalt know the confidence that shall be thine as thou walkest on The
King's Highway.

 Thou shalt see mighty men fall and as thou hast watched meteors drop from the heavens, so shall thou observe the falling of the mighty men; but thou shalt not fear, for thou shalt pur pose in thine heart that only that which pleaseth Me shall please thee.
Though a host should encamp against thee, thou shalt not fear; though the earth be removed, yet in that place of union with Me shalt thou stand in that evil day with confidence that that which I have begun I will finish.

 Hadst thou known the course of the North Wind, thou wouldst have known when to travel South. But I give to those birds that knowledge that before the wind comes they migrate to the sunny clime and to My Children I give the Spirit that maketh them to know not only the course of the North Winds but the knowledge that perceives the thoughts of thine enemy before he knoweth that he is to think them.

 Long thou hast leaned upon thine own understanding and hast made thy plans according to thine own pattern, for thou hast remembered in the days that are passed that thou didst hear from thy Lord and thou saidst He doeth according to this pattern, so it is well that I proceed today according to the pattern that He has given me in times past; but I say unto thee, "This is a new day and for it there must come a new pattern, for it must come the necessary directions given thee and that which is given thee for this hour is not given thee to use but that thou mayest comprehend that which is lived out through thee by My Spirit and thou canst see the manner in which I operate in My Children and that thou mayest know of a certainty that this is the hour of the Lord thy God.

Let thy requests be made known unto Me. Speak definitely of that which thy heart desires, for thy Lord loveth thee and will give unto thee the answer of thy petition. Have I not said unto thee, "Thou hast not because thou asketh not?" 

 Yea, I say unto thee, "Ask that thy joy may be full in the reception of the beneficence of thy Heavenly Father." When thou desirest certain things upon the earth, thou dost go to this place and that place. Thou dost go to see and thou dost go to hear. Thou dost go to the planetarium, to the aquarium, to the zoo.

 I say unto thee, there are places in the Spirit to which thou canst go if thou wouldst "see" and have thine eyes opened, and "hear" and have thy hearing quickened. Thou canst go to those places in the Spirit, as I direct thee, where thou shalt meditate upon the things thy heart desires, and thou shalt have thine eyes opened and see the glory thou hast hitherto not seen.

 It delighteth thy Father to give thee that for which thy heart longeth. Will He not give thee the desires of thy heart? Will He not also place within thee those longings, "wishings" and prayers which bring forth the unseen creation into the seen! Those things that are eternal, are they not "unseen"? But, they shall be "seen" by the eyes which have been opened and "heard" by the ears which have been unstopped!

 Thou wast born with natural senses, but did they not have to be quickened and trained for use? Was not the eye trained to discern the beauty it beholds? Was not the ear trained to discern the harmonious from the inharmonious? I say unto thee, as thou dost walk with Me in the Spirit, I will train thee to "discern" those things thy heart has long desired.

 Move in closer, I say unto thee, move in closer__into that proximity of My Presence__where My love shall flow to thee in abundance; and with the Gifts of the Spirit, thou shalt fairly scintillate with the glory from the throne of God.

 When thou art satisfied with the things of earth, thou dost not cry out for the things of heaven; but I say unto thee, Thou shalt inquire of Me and I shall put the "cry" within thee and I shall answer that cry with great and glorious things thou knowest not of.'

 Thou needest to know Me in the glory of My Resurrection. My Father shall supply all thy need!

How doth man hear? How doth man hear? Is it with the hear ing of the ear, or is it with the hearing of the inner consciousness which has been made one with Me? How doth man hear?

 Let not him that dependeth upon the hearing of his ear let not him feel that he heareth that which is said; but let him that is of a broken and a contrite heart draw near to God with assur ance that as the Lord speaketh in the depth of his being that he shall be hearing with the mind, the knowledge and the under standing of the Spirit of the Living God. That which thou hearest with thine ear is not always that which is said of the Spirit, for that which is said of the Spirit the ear of the Spirit in the inner man to open unto him if he is to receive the essence, the pure unadulterated truth as it is in Christ Jesus.

 There cometh not only hearing with the understanding of the Spirit, but there cometh a knowledge of the new creation that is quickened with the sending forth of the Word by the Spirit. It is quickened in the inner man until the knowing is in the depth of thy being, and that knowing is the impartation of the Spirit of the Living God.

 I say unto thee, He that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin' for he hath come to the "knowedge of knowing" in the inner man by the revelation of the Spirit. As he is directed by the Spirit of God, not only to know but to do that which is pleasing in the sight of the Lord; in doing it not, to him it becometh sin; forr as he knoweth to do good and doeth it not he separateth himself from the Lord and causeth dullness of his spiritual perception. and liveth in that place across the deep chasm which has been made by the human nature in its disobedience to God.

 He that knoweth to do good and doe/h it is likened unto the man who walketh with his God in all pleasing, a man who meditateth upon the things of God day and night. Let not that man fear, for the blessing of the Lord, as he doeth the will of the Father, attendeth his ways. As he walketh in fellowship with God, in the constant communion of that fellowship, God useth him as the "Arm of the Lord" upon earth, Whose might and power is manifested before an incredulous world. The Lord delighteth in that man and He taketh great pleasure in manifesting Himself through that man to a world which through disobedience has widened the chasm and become soulish, disobedient and devilish.

 Let not man continue in his ways, but let him come into re pentance, that he might know the mercy, the forgiveness and the willingness of Almighty God to turn his footsteps into the "path of the righteous" and to heal him from his backsliding.

I have told thee that with favor will I compass thee as with a shield. I will bring thee into the banqueting house and the banner over you shall be love. Knowest thou not that the banner is the protection of My Spirit that covers thee, as doth a cloud; and the favor which I will show thee will be that of the Spirit of God going before thee to protect thee. Thou art protected, when thou
goest forth, from that thou wouldst encounter; and thou shalt be hidden as with a cloud, for the banner over thee is "love."

 Oh thou learnest, as thou art in union with thy Lord, to keep thyself covered with that which has been provided for thee of the Spirit's covering, that thou mayest travel upon the course, the chartered course, given thee by the Spirit. Though thou dost penetrate the battlefields and goest ahead of the ranks that are in the foreground of the battle, thou shalt be protected with a covering of My Spirit and with a love that overshadows thee. As thou art immersed in thy God they shall look and behold thee not for they would gnash upon thee with their teeth, but lo, thou art not; for thou art under the protection and care of the Lord that loveth thee.

 Oh, move by the impulse of My love, and be thou protected with that protection the Spirit giveth thee! Let the Word, that I give unto thee, be in thy mouth. Let it go forth with the sharpness of an arrow, with the precision of that which goeth forth from the hand of the archer, for the Word that I place within thy mouth is the Word of thy God, and that Word is sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing asunder, penetrating the heart, and making bare the consciousness of those to whom it is sent.

 Thou knowest not that thy Lord sendeth the Word from thee, maketh bare His Arm through thee, and keepeth thee shut up for a day and an hour when He shall release that which thou hast been made by the Spirit of God, the Lord it is that maketh thee to walk upright in the knowledge of Him Who hath pur chased thee and sent thee forth as ambassadors of the Most High God. Thou hast long been in training to know what the mind of the Spirit is, and that thou wilt walk with that steady tread given thee; that the course that has been chosen for thee may be circumscribed by the Spirit's direction and power and made avail able for thee; and that thou mayest walk in that way in all pleasing before thy God.

 Messengers have I that have been sent forth to do My will; but they have not hearkened diligently unto Me; and that which went forth from their lips were the words of their understanding which needed to be held, as My Spirit directed them, to wait; for I not only give My words, but I direct the times and the seasons for My words to be given.

 Many there are who know that I have given them the Quick ened Word; and they have gone forth in faith, believing that My blessing would accompany them; but I say unto thee 'If thou wouldst do the will of thy Father, thou wouldst learn to wait until I not only fill thee with the Spirit but I give thee power, the power of the Holy Ghost, that enables thee to speak when and where
My Spirit so directs.'

 Wise is the man that keepeth his own counsel, that cherisheth the Word in his heart which has been given him from the Lord; and is able to hold that treasure in secret, until his hour fully

 If thou desirest to accomplish great things for Me, thou needest to wait; for that which thou doest for Me needeth to be done not by thee but by Me for it is the Son that hath pleased the Father; and it is the Son that will be thy wisdom and thy understanding, and that maketh thee to know what thy Father desireth of thee. Let Him Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life live out His life through thee and cause thee to move only at the impulse of His love.

 Thou hast been groomed to please man in the ways of his demands; but thou art now being groomed in the way of thy God to please Him. Thou knowest not the ways of thy God; and only as thou dost walk with Him, art thou being prepared to walk in all
pleasing before Him.

 As the mariner proceedeth on his course upon the face of the deep, using his chart and compass that he may pursue the course that has been outlined for him; even so doth the Lord thy God direct thee to use the Word and the Spirit, according as He hath revealed it unto thee; that thy course may be of His choosing and the dangers of those things unseen and those places that are hazardous be away from thy course. Thou knowest not the course thy Lord has chosen for thee, but it is His choice for thee and so may thy heart delight in the way of His choosing, that thy path may be illuminated only by the Spirit and He Who illuminates thy path will keep thee in the way!

This is the hour for which thou hast waited and this is the hour when for you to live is Christ and to die to the old order and pattern is great gain.

 Release the Lord thy God from thy very innermost and lay aside thy preconceived ideas of what the Lord thy God doeth in such an hour as this, for thou must know that the Lord thy God, it is He that ministers through thee, and thou canst not do that which thou hast known before, so lay aside all that which thou hast stored up for another day. Use only that of which I tell tbee and I shall tell thee as thou art in union with Me. I shall tell thee that which thou needst to know and I shall not put upon thee that for the future but I shall tell thee that which is needed only a step at a time so that thou mayest know that thou canst not move to the right or to the left, for thou art called unto an hour which is the hour of the Lord thy God and it is expedient for thee that thou keepest in close proximity to thy Lord, for He moveth swiftly and He moveth directly and He moveth ac cording to the purpose of the Lord thy God and thou canst not know My purpose. Thou canst only know what I require of thee is a yielded life moment by moment.

 Let not the instruction of those that seek to direct thee pene trate in thy heart, for this I say unto thee is an hour the like of which thou hast never known and it cometh upon thee speedily and it taketh the form that thou art not familiar with. It taketh the form of the direction of the will of thy God and thou shalt know only as thou art willing to give way for the King.

 Make way for the King and He shall plant thy right foot in the step of His choosing and again He shall plant thy left foot in advance of thy right foot and He shall move thy right foot at an angle and thou shalt observe that when He moveth thy foot, thy whole body moveth in the directions of His choice.

 Thou needst to pay strict attention for thou hast learned the walk__the walk of the flesh__and thou hast learned to obey the thoughts of the flesh and in the hour which is this hour, thou needest to know what the definiteness of the walk in the Spirit actually is. For thee to walk in the Spirit, thou needest to be limbered by the Spirit that through the avenues of the Spirit thy course may be directed, for thou escapeth that which is at thy left side only as thou art moved about, sometimes swiftly by the direction of the Spirit that turneth thee to the right.

 Thou canst not hereafter walk after a hit-and-miss fashion, but mark well thy course, the course that the Spirit of the Living God directs immediately. Thou needest not to be perplexed nor apprehensive, but I have told thee that if thou art willing and obedient, thou shalt eat the good of the land and only that which is of the Lord is good for thee in this hour.

 Thou hast not chosen Me but I have chosen thee and ordained thee that thou mayest go forth and in thy going forth thou shalt be made conformable to that which is of Me.

 In times passed thou hast used the authority of My name, but I say unto thee, "The authority that I shall give thee shall be the authority thou hast when I direct thy course, for the course that I have chosen for thee is not a course of perplexity or confusion but it is the course that bringeth thee into the Father's house. That work which was given Me of My Father, the work of bringing into thy life the regenerating, transforming power of God, superseding all that which is of the will of man; I have
declared unto thee that I will finish it. I shall bring thee out into a large place in Me, and thou shalt be satisfied when thou shalt awake in My likeness. That which thou now art shall be sur rendered to Me. Thou shalt be one with Me and together we shall inherit the kingdom that has been prepared for those that love God.

 Let the love of God penetrate thine heart and supersede all that thou hast meditated upon; yea, all that thou hast daily feared. Let the love of God cast out the fear that has hindered thee, and thou shalt know a Love that passeth all understanding, that shall keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge of Me.

 As thou art made one with Me, thou shalt inherit all that is Mine, for thou art heirs of God and joint heirs with lesus Christ: and henceforth thou shalt live to the glory and the honor of thy God.

 Walk softly in the way, for it is the hour of speed and con fusion; an hour of confusion and great remorse, an hour when men are losing the power to think as they ought to think; and they are relegated into the highways that move too swiftly for them
to comprehend what their course will bring them.

The Lord thy God is a jealous God and He desireth thine whole heart for His habitation. Move diligently in the course that He shall make plain unto thee. Thou shalt be kept in the quiet ness and holiness of the Presence of thy God, and though thou find thy course on the speeding highways of man's activity of this hour, thou shalt be kept in the way and thou shalt know of the blessing and the holy quietness of thy God's presence. Thou shalt find a way within a way. In union with thy God, thou shalt find a place of tranquility, a place of quiet confidence; and thou shalt move in the course of thy God and be made ready for thy King.

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