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    Alternatives to Liberal/"Progressive" AARP (links below)

    AARP accepts Federal funds, does not oppose raiding the Social Security Trust Fund, does not support a Balanced Budget Amendment, supports tax increases, lobbies for a bigger federal government, etc. (A few articles before the alternative list.)

    John Carlisle, Director of Policy at National Legal and Policy Center, had this to say about AARP:

    "It's outrageous that taxpayers are being used to advance [AARP's] liberal agenda to expand government and thwart Social Security reform. Ending federal subsidies to AARP would put an end to the unjust practice of publicly funding a highly partisan and controversial interest group."

    Meanwhile, author and political commentator, Jane Chastain, had this to report:

    In the past, the AARP has lobbied for:

    • Higher taxes on gasoline
    • A new consumption tax
    • The abolition of corporate deductions for advertising
    • Higher income tax rates
    • The creation of a fourth income tax bracket

    Chastain continues,

    "Even more troubling, AARP members recently discovered that the organization is lining up with the Obama administration and the Democrats to try to put our health care completely under the thumb of the federal government, and the AARP stands to benefit."

    Backing this up, in September, 2012, the Wall Street Journal published a column written by Kimberley A. Strassel, entitled, "The Love Song of AARP and Obama." In the column, Strassel reported:

    "Thanks to just-released emails from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-10 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing. We know that despite AARP's awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the "nonpartisan membership organization" chose to serve the president's agenda.

    The 71 pages of emails show an AARP management taking orders from the White House, scripting the president's talking points, working to keep its board "in line," and pledging fealty to "the cause." Seniors deserve to know all this, as AARP seeks to present itself as neutral in this presidential election."

    Is that the organization you want representing you? If the answer is no, then join AMAC instead. We need to unite to neutralize the effects of liberal power brokers like AARP.

    AARP: Did You Know? The managing editor of AARP The Magazine, John Stoltenberg, lives an openly homosexual lifestyle. The AARP website contains articles like, "No Straight Answers," indicating their belief that "straight" laws are not beneficial for same-sex couples and that public policies should be radically changed to accommodate the so-called "gay community." In addition, AARP's website provides links to five homosexual organizations and listed Gay and Lesbian Pride Day in the annual calendar of events, right in between National Senior Citizens fitness Day and Independence Day.


    o AARP’s Corrupt Business Model Puts Seniors Last - AARP purports to be a “nonprofit” organization. But with a $1.2 billion operating budget, questionable business partners, and a history of prioritizing profits over beneficial reforms to seniors, it’s an open question who the group really serves. - By Rachel Bovard   - December 28th, 2019

       ...AARP partners with UnitedHealth Group, the parent company of insurance giant UnitedHealthCare. And since the passage of Obamacare in 2010, AARP has made an eye-popping $4.5 billion in profits through the UnitedHealth’s sale of Medigap plans—a supplemental insurance product that is especially profitable because, unlike most plans, it can still deny care to vulnerable individuals with preexisting conditions.

       In other words, AARP has spent the past 10 years raking in billions from the sale of insurance plans that routinely deny care to the most vulnerable Americans. Despite the fact that reforming the Medigap loophole obviously would benefit the disabled seniors who are its primary users, AARP refuses to advocate—and has, at times, outright opposed—reforms.

       ...This pattern of putting its own interests first has only continued. AARP consistently has refused to speak out on behalf of seniors when doing so might disrupt its $600 million financial arrangement with UnitedHealth. When UnitedHealth announced it was pulling out of Iowa’s Medicaid market—and leaving 425,000 poor, disabled, and senior Iowans without coverage—AARP said nothing.

       The Trump Administration in May proposed regulations aimed at reducing drug costs for seniors by cracking down on pharmacy middlemen known as “pharmacy benefit managers.” Unfortunately for the seniors represented by AARP, UnitedHealth happens to be one of those middlemen. Accordingly, AARP opposed the Trump Administration’s proposal. 


    o Quit the AARP by Rich Lowry (2/28/2005) The debate over President Bush's proposed Social Security reform is spawning new pro- and anti-groups nearly every day. The latest is Conservative Republican Seniors Against Bush.

    o AARP: One More Big Brother? By Patty Ellis - AARP has consistently managed to package itself as a critically needed, beneficent organization "just trying to help the old folks get by." They persistently claim to have no political agenda even in the face of obvious financial and editorial support for Obama in both presidential elections. They have come under fire time after time from conservative groups incensed by AARP's left-leaning rhetoric and agenda. Still, AARP feigns innocence. This from a Wall Street Journal article updated September, 2012... "Thanks to just-released emails, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-10 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing.
       We know that despite AARP's awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the "nonpartisan membership organization" chose to serve the president's agenda". Now that ObamaCare is having an enormously detrimental effect on the health care seniors can expect, it is most assuredly time for us to give credit where credit is due. The role our devoted AARP has played in this national fiasco is without question. From that same article... "What motivated AARP, given its membership of 37 million people 50 years old and older was clearly opposed to ObamaCare? The answer appears to be: pure ideology." Ideology, indeed. In breathless anticipation of an unrealistic nirvana some wacky professor opened their childish eyes to many moons ago, these radicals sworn to "fundamentally change America" are salivating as their socialist daydreams come true. And we hard-working, taxpaying schmucks, who, by the way, embody most of AARP's membership, get to finance their silly pipe dreams.  

    • Christian Seniors Association - CSA is 100%committed to defending the traditional marriage-based family. AARP's official magazine, Modern Maturity, has promoted same-sex gay couples raising children. Unlike AARP, CSA opposes ACLU and organizations which support groups which want to eliminate Christianity from public life and instead promote immorality.

    • The Seniors Coalition is a non-profit, 501c(4), non-partisan, education and issue advocacy organization that represents the interests and concerns of America's senior citizens at both the state and federal levels. 

    • American Seniors Association - We are driven by a uniquely American philosophy that starts with the understanding that government doesn't tax and regulate "things." It taxes and regulates people and individuals like you and me. That' why we treat every member as an individual, with a different story and different priorities, freely united as individuals to provide each other with better values in the services we want and need. At American Seniors Association, we don't just take the government's side like some other associations. We are not some big liberal bureaucracy here to try to scare you into going along with Big Government all the time or telling you what to think.

    • The Association of Mature American Citizens Looking for an alternative to AARP?  You've come to the right place. The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is a conservative, nonpartisan organization looking out for the interests of Americans 50 years of age and older.  We believe in the traditional values of Faith, Family and Freedom that have made the United States of America the greatest of nations.  We believe that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not empty words, but the fulfillment of the American dream. AMAC will endeavor to be your advocate to promote commonsense government and to let you keep your hard-earned money in your pocket, not the government's.

      AMAC takes the following positions:


      • Taxes - AMAC strongly feels that American citizens are excessively taxed. There should be a reduction in income tax rates for all wage earners. Likewise, corporations are over taxed. When a corporation is taxed they simply increase the cost of their product or service and the people wind up paying for the tax when the price is increased.

      • Growth in Government - AMAC favors a reduction in the number of Federal departments and employees. Our government has grown at the Federal, State and local levels. In Washington we now have twice as many Departments as we had 100 years ago. As government grows and each year more laws are passed, the individual citizen slowly has their rights taken away.

      • Balanced Budget & the National Debt - The annual budget has gone out of control. The President and the congress have lost sight of their responsibilities. If we do not manage our fiscal and financial condition our nation is put in serious jeopardy. By continuing to borrow we are putting a huge burden on our children and grandchildren.

      • Medical Care - AMAC believes it is a serious mistake to have the Federal government interfere and dictate how medical care is provided in this country. The present system of State regulations and free enterprise has proven satisfactory for over 85% of our citizens. A simple change in state regulations can solve most of the problems with people being covered. Medicare should continue as-is with minor improvements, and more competition should be encouraged.

      • Abortion - Our position is that we are pro-life. We are against abortion in principle and feel it is improper to allow government funding of abortions, except to save the life of the mother.

      • Gay Marriage - We are against gay marriage. We feel it contributes to the destruction of the traditional family and offends the religious beliefs of many Americans. AMAC has not taken a position on civil unions or other legal issues affecting gays and lesbians.

      • Second Amendment- the right to bear arms - Amac believes that the Constitution clearly gives the right to carry arms to the citizen. Attempts to infringe upon that right should be defeated.

    National Association of Conservative Seniors Offers Americans Alternative to AARP  /Christian Newswire/ -- The National Association of Conservative Seniors (NAOCS) now offers American senior adults a conservative alternative to AARP for collective political influence, insurance and healthcare discounts, and travel benefits. Seniors gain membership benefits while working together to protect conservative American values. "These are the best years of American seniors' lives," said John White, NAOCS founder and president. "Our goal is to provide them with services that will enhance these years, making it easier for them to focus on the things that matter most to them: family, friends, faith and country."

    National Association of Conservative Seniors was founded to provide exclusive services and benefits to people age 60 and over, ranging from travel to quality-of-life opportunities, while enabling them to participate in protecting conservative values in the U.S. NAOCS advocates for members, and in turn, members are enabled to hold politicians and elected officials accountable. NAOCS members have access to numerous online resources, including top news stories that affect American seniors, links of assistance to families of fallen veterans and online voter registration. Benefits include financial planning services, health and wellness offers, Medicare insurance plans and competitive pricing on auto insurance and roadside assistance.

    In addition, travel bonuses and retail coupons provide day-to-day savings on items from food to entertainment for seniors in their prime years. NAOCS offers two levels of membership: Silver and Gold Patriot. Silver membership gives immediate access to NAOCS's exclusive benefits. Gold Patriot members receive all the features of Silver membership, with the added bonus of "Click to Call." "Click to Call" gives members direct connection to government officials, including the White House, cabinet members, Supreme Court, senators, representatives and governor. This unique interfacing of phone and Internet places these calls with the simple, one-step click of a mouse. Members are further empowered to influence their elected officials. Silver membership is offered free for the first year. The added benefits of Gold Patriot membership are $5 per month.

    Online registration for both is available at www.naocs.us. "We believe in America now, and we believe in America's future," said White. "Together we can assure that the values our nation is built upon will continue for our children, grandchildren and generations to come." To join National Association of Conservative Seniors, call 1-800-570-7769. For more information, visit www.naocs.us.

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