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Online Security, Protection & Privacy Resources

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o Article links - Future internet challenges, Wi-Fi protection...

o Online protection for Internet, Cell Phone, Mobile Devices and more (Cyber-bullying, Screen time, safety, and more.)

o VPN Resources for online protection


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Article Links - Future internet challenges, Wi-Fi protection...


o Future of IoT Beyond 2020 - Doom or Salvation? - By Osama Tahir - Security Challenges of IoT - It is estimated that there will be 25 billion IoT devices by the end of 2020. And predictions show that by 2050, there will be more than 100 billion IoT-connected devices in the world. But there are too many risks related to these IoT connected devices. Have you heard how hackers accessed a baby monitor? Or Iran hacked a US drone? Or you only care about how an IoT device can switch on your bedroom lights?

o The Future of Phishing: Deep Fakes, Coronavirus, US Elections 2020 & More - By Osama Tahir - Phishing is the oldest trick in a hacker's book. Yet, despite its age, this particular attack vector is the most enduring of them all. Over time, phishing attempts have largely improved in their ability to appear more legitimate and convincingly deceive the layman and, indeed, even cybersecurity experts in many cases. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and related technologies, the volume and virulence of phishing is only likely to increase. Unsurprisingly, APWG reports phishing websites to have increased from a number of 138,328 to 266,387, representing an almost twofold increase in the short period between 2018 Q4 and 2019 Q3.

o How To Avoid Public Wi-Fi Risks - By Michael Rosman - Learn about public Wi-Fi risks and how you can better protect yourself. Things like credit cards, bank account information, account logins, and more can be stolen in the blink of an eye. What's even worse is the victim will never know that their personal information was stolen until it is too late. In addition, there are multiple ways hackers can utilize these unsecured public Wi-Fi networks to steal your information. Here are some of the strategies they use.

o Router-Network.com's Guide to Wi-Fi and Internet Safety - The world of the Internet has brought us new wonders and fun but also new challenges, especially when it comes to keeping ourselves safe. In the information age, it's more and more important to protect our personal information. But even if your network is secure and your information is safe, you still have to worry about the potential for threats such as cyberbullying. Tips: Securing Your Wireless Network, Cyberbullying, Personal Information, more....


Protection for Internet, Cell Phone, Mobile Devices and more.  (Screen time, safety, and more.)

Your Kids Aren't Safe Online - By Hannah Harrison ...Apps to watch out for: Predators are everywhere. It may be on common sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. But it might be a video game, Yubo, Whisper, Tik Tok, Secret Calculator, or a number of other apps unknown to you. In this section, we're going to dive into some not-so-innocent-apps that need to be monitored, or better yet, removed from your child's phone. A good general rule is if you don't know about the app, they don't need to either.

   ...Snapchat ...Secret Calculator ...TikTok ...Whisper ...Yubo ...Monkey

   ...Christian Louis Lange said, "Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master." If you don't take steps to protect your kids, no one will. It's time to take control and be your child's real super-hero. Their life could depend on it.


Basic Internet Safety Tips for Seniors to Stay Connected Online Internet Safety 101 for Seniors While it's important for seniors to remain connected, entertained and active through the use of technology, it is equally important for them to exercise caution and interest safety. None of us are exempt from Internet scams, but unfortunately, many scammers specifically target senior citizens. Senior citizens are often at an increased risk for Internet scams and fraud due to a variety of unique vulnerabilities. Lack of computer skills, limited Internet skills, and being more trusting and generous are just a few of the factors that put seniors at risk of falling victim to elaborate online scams. Here are some helpful tips for ensuring you practice Internet Safety 101:


VPN Resources (Please check current reviews of any VPN service before purchasing. I.E. Search "fastestvpn reviews")

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