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Sharia Law
Dar al-Harb- The House of War - See also: Islam, Religion of Peace?

The shocking effects Shariah Law has on a society: (What the liberal left aids with their all inclusive appeasement with their coexist fairy-tale ideological unattainable, unrealistic theories.) ...Iran was once a Westernized country that was in the midst of becoming a nice country for people to live in for all kinds of people – and for all kinds of religions. Afghanistan was also once a country that was nothing like it is today. What has become of these countries today due to the impact of Shariah Law on society is simply mind-blowing. It is not too late for the Western World – if we stay vigilant and put in strong checks on immigration.

Sharia’s Incompatibility with Western Values, Explained Everything you need to know. BY Immanuel Al-Manteeqi · @Al_Manteeqi - The ancient books of antiquity say what they say. No modern scholar, no matter what his/her agenda or desires, can go back in time and change what is contained in the early Islamic sources. As the saying goes, the past is history. So let us look at the past, specifically the medieval past, to discern whether Sharia really is incompatible with the liberal democratic principles of the West.

Sharia Justice: Where Rape Victims Are Punished and Killed - Initially, it was reported that Hena was raped by her cousin Mahbub on the night of Sunday January 30 this year. She had gone outside her home at night to relieve herself when she was attacked. She screamed for help and Shilpa Begum, the wife of her assailant, came to the scene. Instead of returning her to her family, Shilpa Begum and her brothers beat her up. Hena’s father, accompanied by his relatives, then rescued her.   The local mosque in Chamta village issued a fatwa, ordering that Hena, though a victim of rape, should be given a sentence of a hundred lashes. The rapist was given a sentence of two hundred lashes, but he negotiated this down to a hundred. He was also ordered to pay the mosque 50,000 Bangladesh Taka (US $702). After receiving at least 60 lashes, Hena fell unconscious, and then was taken to a hospital, where she later died on the night of Monday, January 31.

...Just over a year ago, a similar case was highlighted by Western media. A 16-year old girl was raped by a 20-year old male in her village. She did not report the rape out of shame. However, she became pregnant, and when this was discovered, the girl was sentenced by a village council of Muslim elders to receive 101 lashes. The sentence was carried out eight months after the rape. The young man who had raped her and made her pregnant was forgiven, and at no stage received any retribution. The girl had aborted the child a month before her punishment.

In the same district (Brahmanbaria) there had been three other cases of girls being lashed for “illegal intercourse” (zina) in the preceding six months.   In one of those instances, in October 2009, a woman called Bashira Khatun refused the advances of her husband’s uncle, who then went to the local sharia authorities and claimed that she had committed adultery. Bashira was sentenced to 101 lashes, which were administered by the man who had tried to rape her and who had then accused her of zina. She fell unconscious after 20 lashes, and her accuser continued to whip her unconscious body.  

On December 14, 2010, in Rajshahi district, a 45-year old woman was lashed 40 times after being accused of having illicit sexual intercourse with her stepson. The local imam and head of a madrassa had been involved in deciding the punishment which led to the woman’s death.  

In June last year, a 17-year old girl was accused of having an affair. In order to get her to confess, the village arbitration council, in her village in Brahmanbaria district had administered torture. After this, she was given 101 lashes.

LEARN MORE ABOUT SHARIA LAW - One of the best locations on the Internet to learn about Islamic Sharia law and its effect on the West is www.shariafreeusa.org. FACEBOOK FAN? Sharia Free USA now has a Facebook page with more than 1,500 followers.

Sharia for Dummies Posted by Nonie Darwish Aug 26th 2010 - Imam Feisal Abdel Rauf claims that the US constitution is Sharia compliant. Now let us examine below a few laws of Sharia to see if Imam Rauf is truthful or a fraud:

1-  Jihad defined as “to war against non-Muslims to establish the religion” is the duty of every Muslim and Muslim head of state (Caliph). Muslim Caliphs who refuse jihad are in violation of Sharia and unfit to rule.
2-  A Caliph can hold office through seizure of power meaning through force.
3-  A Caliph is exempt from being charged with serious crimes such as murder, adultery, robbery, theft, drinking and in some cases of rape.
4-  A percentage of Zakat (alms) must go towards jihad.
5-  It is obligatory to obey the commands of the Caliph, even if he is unjust.
6-  A caliph must be a Muslim, a non-slave and a male.
7-  The Muslim public must remove the Caliph in one case, if he rejects Islam.
8-  A Muslim who leaves Islam must be killed immediately.
9-  A Muslim will be forgiven for murder of : 1) an apostasy 2) an adulterer 3) a highway robber. Making vigilante street justice and honor killing acceptable.
10-  A Muslim will not get the death penalty if he kills a non-Muslim.
11-  Sharia never abolished slavery and sexual slavery and highly regulates it. A master will not be punished for killing his slave.
12-  Sharia dictates death by stoning, beheading, amputation of limbs, flogging and other forms of cruel and unusual punishments even for crimes of sin such as adultery.
13-  Non-Muslims are not equal to Muslims and must comply to Sharia if they are to remain safe. They are forbidden to marry Muslim women, publicly display wine or pork, recite their scriptures or openly celebrate their religious holidays or funerals. They are forbidden from building new churches or building them higher than mosques. They may not enter a mosque without permission. A non-Muslim is no longer protected if he commits adultery with a Muslim woman or if he leads a Muslim away from Islam.
14-  It is a crime for a non-Muslim to sell weapons to someone who will use them against Muslims. Non-Muslims cannot curse a Muslim, say anything derogatory about Allah, the Prophet, or Islam, or expose the weak points of Muslims. However, the opposite is not true for Muslims.
15-  A non-Muslim cannot inherit from a Muslim.
16-  Banks must be Sharia compliant and interest is not allowed.
17-  No testimony in court is acceptable from people of low-level jobs, such as street sweepers or a bathhouse attendant. Women in such low level jobs such as professional funeral mourners cannot keep custody of their children in case of divorce.
18-  A non-Muslim cannot rule even over a non-Muslims minority.
19-  Homosexuality is punishable by death.
20-  There is no age limit for marriage of girls under Sharia. The marriage contract can take place anytime after birth and consummated at age 8 or 9.
21-  Rebelliousness on the part of the wife nullifies the husband’s obligation to support her, gives him permission to beat her and keep her from leaving the home.
22-  Divorce is only in the hands of the husband and is as easy as saying: “I divorce you” and becomes effective even if the husband did not intend it.
23-  There is no community property between husband and wife and the husband’s property does not automatically go to the wife after his death.
24-  A woman inherits half what a man inherits.
25-  A man has the right to have up to 4 wives and she has no right to divorce him even if he is polygamous.
26-  The dowry is given in exchange for the woman’s sexual organs.
27-  A man is allowed to have sex with slave women and women captured in battle, and if the enslaved woman is married her marriage is annulled.
28-  The testimony of a woman in court is half the value of a man.
29-  A woman looses custody if she remarries.
30-  To prove rape, a woman must have 4 male witnesses.
31-  A rapist may only be required to pay the bride-money (dowry) without marrying the rape victim.
32-  A Muslim woman must cover every inch of her body which is considered “Awrah,” a sexual organ. Some schools of Sharia allow the face and some don’t.
33-  A Muslim man is forgiven if he kills his wife caught in the act of adultery. However, the opposite is not true for women since he “could be married to the woman he was caught with.”

The above are clear cut laws in Islam decided by great Imams after years of examination and interpretation of the Quran, Hadith and Mohammed’s life. Now let the learned Imam Rauf tell us what part of the above is compliant with the US constitution?

Ground Zero imam: 'True' Muslims implement Shariah Tells faithful they must pay 'ultimate price' to see paradise - Adhami stated the message of the Quranic figure Muhammad "is the continuity and the culmination of all the messages of all the prophets before him, from Adam to Noah to Abraham and Moses and Jesus and everyone in between." "And that message is the supremacy and the total dominion of the lord [Allah] of the world," he stated. Read more: Ground Zero imam: 'True' Muslims implement Shariah https://www.wnd.com/?pageId=257665#ixzz1CjOvLyVd

Sharia Law Gains Foothold in US—Federal Judge Upholds Government Funding of Islam January 19, 2011 Last week, Judge Lawrence P. Zatkoff, a federal district court judge in Michigan, dismissed a constitutional challenge to the U.S. Government’s bailout of AIG, which used over a hundred million dollars in federal tax money to support Islamic religious indoctrination through the funding and promotion of Sharia-compliant financing (SCF).  SCF is financing that follows the dictates of Islamic law.  The challenge was brought by the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and co-counsel David Yerushalmi, on behalf of Kevin Murray, a Marine Corps veteran of the Iraqi War.  TMLC filed a notice of appeal immediately after the ruling and will be seeking review of the decision in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of TMLC, commented: “Judge Zatkoff’s ruling allows for oil–rich Muslim countries to plant the flag of Islam on American soil.  His ruling ignored the uncontested opinions of several Sharia experts and AIG’s own website, which trumpeted Sharia-compliant financing as promoting the law of the Prophet Mohammed and as an ‘ethical product,’ and a ‘new way of life.’ His ruling ignored AIG’s use of a foreign Islamic advisory board to control investing in accordance with Islamic law.” Continued Thompson: “This astonishing decision allows the federal government as well as AIG and other Wall Street bankers to explicitly promote Sharia law ─ the 1200 year old body of Islamic canon law based on the Koran, which demands the destruction of Western Civilization and the United States.  This is the same law championed by Osama bin Laden and the Taliban; it is the same law that prompted the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks; and it is the same law that is responsible for the murder of thousands of Christians throughout the world.  The Law Center will do everything it can to stop Sharia law from rearing its ugly head in America.”

Eagle Forum Award Presented to TMLC's President; His Speech on Sharia Law - Richard Thompson’s 45 minute speech on Sharia law to the packed auditorium dealt with the internal threat posed to the United States by those Muslims who follow Sharia law. He debunked the notion advanced by many of our political leaders that “Islam is a religion of peace.” He referred to the remarks of Omar Ahmad, one of the founders of CAIR (Counsel on American-Islamic Relations), that Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.

According to Thompson, Muslims who believe in Sharia law seek to destroy America because their religion demands it.  This is their holy war, jihad, against non-Muslims.  No amount of compromise and accommodation will quench that hate.  It merely emboldens them. Thompson expressed his concern that too many Americans are ill-informed about the true nature of Islam and so are fertile grounds for Islamic propaganda.  Muslims seeking to overthrow our government and values waging a campaign of “Stealth Jihad” have infiltrated every level of our national government, our two main political parties, and major universities.

Thompson cautioned that Americans should be aware of the Islamic concept of Taqiyya, which allows devout Muslims to lie, even act as a non-Muslim, if in their opinion; it will be good for Islam.  Since the goal of Jihad is to make Islam supreme, every lie to achieve that goal is acceptable. For instance when Muslims are weaker than their opponents, they will feign “Islam is a religion of peace.” 

Sharia Isn't Creeping Anymore. It's Galloping! (December 2010) Muslim Street Prayers in France: From Secret to Sacred   How did Muslim prayer in French streets go from a well-kept secret to a cause célèbre in less than a week? Maxime Lepante has posted some 40 videos of outdoor Muslim prayers in France. Streets are blocked, often with the help of law enforcement, prayer rugs are stretched out, and the prostration begins. Lepante traces the swift expansion of these open air mosques that encroach on the rights of citizens to walk or drive down a public street, enter and leave their buildings, hear themselves think in their own homes or, we might add, feel like they are living in Paris, France!   On the latest video, posted on the 11th of December, we learn that loudspeakers have been added … the better to broadcast the call. After tallying 28,000 hits in 55 hours, the YouTube video was branded “hate speech” and removed. At this writing it is visible on at least one other site:

Iranian Women Declare War Against the Mullahs (Family Security Matters July 14, 2008) - ...Iranian women had total equal rights and had fought a valiant battle to once again become partners of their men ... But it did not last long. By 1971, Iranian women had total equal rights and had fought a valiant battle to once again become partners of their men in running the affairs of the country. But it did not last long. Although Khomeini had, in an interview, announced to the Guardian and other media that women's rights will not change under his Islamic government, one of his first acts was repealing the laws that guaranteed the women's rights, re-imposing the Sharia laws. ...Since the establishment of the Islamic government in Iran in 1979, women have counted as one-half of a man. They do not get the custody of their children. They do not have the choice in their clothing, residence, leaving the house, working, education or traveling without the permission of their husband. The age at which girls are allowed to marry is nine. Men can divorce the women at any time they wish and can marry several wives in addition to them. Girls inherit one-half of that which boys do and so on. State-owned press reports that in Tehran, 120 women have been hung in public in the first five months of the Iranian year; that suicide among the women of Iran has been the highest in world history. ...A group of women attempted to establish a political party. They have been in the 209 - solitary - section of the dreaded Evin prison for the last nine months. Last year another group of women attempted to collect one million signatures against the unjust Mullah laws. Hundreds of women joined them nationwide in less than 48 hours to collect signatures, but they were all arrested, beaten and imprisoned. One year later on June 12th, 2008, nine more women were arrested from the crowd that had gathered in the town square commemorating the last year's arrests.

by Joseph Richard Ravitts

"While Hollywood whimpers and sulks about imaginary threats of McCarthyism and homophobia, the real world is serving up some REAL dangers."

Let us turn our minds away from what is turning my stomach, namely the nomination of Pukebarf Mountain as Best Picture, and use an illustration from Chinese movies to address an issue of concern to Americans in real life.
      Step with me into the world of low-budget kung-fu movies, pre-Crouching Tiger. Who's that we see walking up the road? Why, it's our young hero, known as Young Hero. His father, Cowardly Noodle, has sent Young Hero to look for his sister, Innocent Maiden, who is overdue returning from the rice market.

      Topping the ridge that looks down into town, Young Hero is in a position to see from a considerable distance what happens next. A terrified scream in a familiar voice directs his eyes to a distressing sight below. His pure hearted, mild-mannered sister has been slung over the shoulder of a low-ranking thug, known as Low-Ranking Thug. This cheap hoodlum and five of his even-cheaper pals are loudly and coarsely boasting to each other of their manly achievement in overpowering one girl who has no kung-fu training, and mocking the victim with declarations of their unspeakable intentions toward her.

        In scenes prior to this point, Young Hero and Innocent Maiden have bent over backwards trying to turn the other cheek in encounters with Low-Ranking Thug. Obviously, however, these crooks reflect a different place in Scripture: Isaiah 26:10, which says, "If favor is shown to the wicked, he DOES NOT learn righteousness." Young Hero, in any case, is a Buddhist; but right now, he forgets all that Buddhistic stuff about not having any attachments to anything, and remembers family instead.

      This being low-budget kung-fu, we don't get to watch Young Hero flying through the air in one unbroken take to reach his endangered sister half a mile away. Instead, he jumps ten inches up in the air; the camera cuts before he comes down from this jump; and the next shot shows him springing from off-camera into the midst of the bad guys. But the fight action that follows makes up for the lack of Peter Pan wire-work, as Young Hero singlehandedly pounds Low-Ranking Thug and the other would-be rapists into dim sum. Once making certain that Innocent Maiden is safe, Young Hero  picks up the one bad guy still conscious enough to be spoken to, and snarls at him, "Tell your evil master, Intimidating White-Haired Villain, that we won't put up with you hoodlums anymore!"

      But when the good guy and his sister get home, they find out why the script calls their father Cowardly Noodle. Knowing, absolutely KNOWING, that Young Hero did what he did only because there was NO other way to save his sister from being raped and possibly killed, Cowardly Noodle nonetheless yells curses and rebukes at his son: "You idiot! You're always making trouble! This will provoke Intimidating White-Haired Villain!" Never mind that the villain already came to their town from 200 miles away with advance intentions of preying upon it, and has already been terrorizing people WITHOUT any "provocation;" Cowardly Noodle finds it easier to yell at his son, who he knows won't kill him for it, than to face the truth. He even accuses Innocent Maiden of supposedly enticing Low-Ranking Thug; then he goes off to grovel at the feet of Intimidating White-Haired Villain.

      Fortunately, despite Cowardly Noodle's craven self-deception and ingratitude, Young Hero, with the help of Eccentric Old Master, will kill Intimidating White-Haired Villain in the end (and the words "The End" will appear over freeze-frame before the villain's dead body even hits the ground). Unfortunately, Cowardly Noodle will go on to become a United Nations official, or maybe (without ceasing to be a Buddhist) assume a leadership role in one of America's liberal church denominations.

      In his new capacity, Cowardly Noodle will review the facts of the Middle East: Israel's people outnumbered more than twenty to one by their enemies, Israel's efforts at concession and compromise INVARIABLY rewarded with more terrorist attacks, Hamas taking control of the Palestinian Authority with advance declarations of its intention to destroy Israel entirely, and Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin taking time away from suppressing journalists to cozy up to Hamas. What will Cowardly Noodle conclude? Of course--blame Israel!

      Trying to play on American sympathy for underdogs, Cowardly Noodle will talk about Palestinian poverty...while willfully pretending not to know that this poverty would not even exist if Yasser Arafat (that "Palestinian" leader from Egypt) had not siphoned huge amounts of aid money to his own Swiss bank accounts. Above all, he will play the moral-equivalence game, speaking of a symmetrical "cycle of violence"--as if there were Israelis talking about killing every Muslim in the world, the way Islamo-fascists DO talk about killing all Jews. And, as ALWAYS happens when this game is played, he will
progress rapidly from "both sides being equally guilty" to the relatively-innocent side being MORE EQUALLY guilty. So what if, during the Desert Storm campaign, Israel did what NO other nation was ever asked to do--refrain voluntarily from retaliating even as it was being FIRED UPON with missiles? That won't stop Cowardly Noodle from saying that Israel is the stubborn, rigid, unreasonable side in the situation.

       The mullah-crats of Iran are stating openly their desire to obliterate Israel. These are the same thugs who committed a clear and unmistakable ACT OF WAR against the United States when they unlawfully seized our embassy in Tehran; and Jimmy Carter's Cowardly-Noodle-style diplomacy did nothing to discourage their malice. What, then, is the current solution offered by so many liberal churches and university faculties in America? Why, of course--yell at Young Hero, grovel at the feet of Intimidating White-Haired Villain, and disinvest in Israel!

      Not that the Republican side is entitled to a free pass at this point. I'm still trying to figure out just what reason Mr. Bush can possibly have to make his deal with the United Arab Emirates, which gave diplomatic recognition to the TALIBAN while refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist at all.

      But maybe Mr. Bush is looking ahead at possibly being forced to take action against the Iranian regime. In such a crisis, we might well need to use air bases in a place like the U.A.E. We certainly could not expect help from "allies" like Turkey--not with Turks crowding to watch the movie "Valley of the Wolves," which was made to promote the LIE that American soldiers are psychopathic murderers.
      While Hollywood whimpers and sulks about imaginary threats of McCarthyism and homophobia, the real world is serving up some REAL dangers. Things could get a lot worse very quickly; and when they do, there won't be time for us to be only just beginning then to understand world politics. If we don't realize NOW who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, sudden panic may easily stampede us into blaming the innocent while brown-nosing the guilty.

      For decades, Muslims in Israel have in FACT enjoyed more civil liberties than they would in MUSLIM nations. Also for decades, wealthy Muslim oil states could easily have provided for the Palestinian people--but purposely chose to leave them in limbo so that Israel would be blamed. Something is going on here that's been going on since Muhammad plundered the Jewish merchant colonies of Arabia in the name of Allah. But even if God actually allowed all Jews living today to be killed off by Islamo-fascists, does anyone really think that those fascists would then say, "Okay, that's all we wanted,
now we'll leave everyone else in peace"?

      Fundamentalist Muslim doctrine has one term which identifies all territory NOT ruled by fundamentalist Muslims: Dar al-Harb, which is Arabic for "House of War." That means that ANY place not under Sharia law is fair game to be attacked whenever it suits Muslims to do so. No amount of appeasement by Cowardly Noodles will EVER change this view of the world on the part of creatures like the Hamas gangsters. Conversion of the gangsters to faith in Jesus WOULD change it; but a postmodernist liberal church that refuses to see anything wrong with those gangsters is not likely to try hard to convert them, is it?

      If evil can be overcome with love and grace, that's the most desirable outcome. I never start out assuming that we're so far into the End Times that nothing more can be done. But how can love and grace transform evil if we're not even clear about what and where the evil is? It's late at night as I write this, and I'm getting too tired to leaf through Isaiah again, but I can assure you it DOES contain these important words: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil!" [ETH Edit - Isaiah 5:20] Condemning Israel for trying to defend its own existence, while making excuses for terrorists who lay their genocidal plans on the table face-up, is not Christian peacemaking. It is cowardice.
                 Yours for Jesus and America,
                   Joseph Richard Ravitts
                     Columbia, Maryland
This e-mail is from Mission America, and is intended for educational purposes only.

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