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 ( Matthew 11:15-30 )
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Jehovah Witness
(Ask Jehovah Witnesses to explain what is presented below.)

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Everything the Old Testament says about God as Lord, the New Testament says about Jesus.

Is Jesus God? Jehovah Witnesses say Christ was a mere man or prophet.
And use the Jehovah Witness' New World Translation for the following:

Compare Revelation 1:8 with Revelation 22:12-16. The "Alpha and Omega" in 1:8 is Jehovah God. The "Alpha and Omega" in 22:12-16 is Jesus.

Compare Isaiah 44:6 with Revelation 1:17-18. The "First and the Last" in Isaiah says "There is none other besides me." Revelation declares the "First and Last" had once been dead.

"God with us." Compare also Isaiah 7:4 with Matthew 1:23

Prophecy of the first coming of Christ: Isaiah 9:6. Compare Jeremiah 32:18 and Isaiah 10:20-21.

The Jews knew Christ Himself claimed to be God. John 5:17, 18, 23; 10:30,33; 14:9-11

Colossians  2:9; 1 Timothy 3:16; Hebrews 1:8

God is Eternal: Deuteronomy 33:27 and Romans 16:26

Jesus is Eternal: Isaiah 9:6 and 1 John 5:11

God is the Creator: Genesis 1:1

Jesus is the Creator: John 1:1-14; Colossians 1:16, Ephesians 3:9, Hebrews 1:2, 10

Who was the forth man in the furnace? Daniel 3

Witnessing to "the Witnesses" By Ed Decker - It's a rare door that hasn't felt the knock of the Jehovah's Witnesses more than once and it's an even rarer Jehovah's Witness who has heard the gospel message at one of those doors from the resident Christian. The reason is simply that it is a far from simple task to witness to a Witness. It's easier to just close the door and avoid the difficult task of sorting through a maze of confusing doctrines. Let's try to make it a bit simpler.

There are five important facts to remember about the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Organization.
1. They have accepted the Organization as the Prophet of God.
2. They have accepted the Organization as God's sole channel for His truth.
3. They believe that to reject the Organization is to reject God.
4. They believe that only the Organization can interpret the Bible; as individuals they are unable to do so.
5. They believe the Watchtower Magazine contains God's truth, directed by Him, through the Organization.

What does the Organization and Watchtower Magazine teach that is in conflict with Orthodox Christianity?
1. That Jesus is a created being/a creature.
2. That Jesus is actually Michael the Archangel
3. That Jesus was not resurrected bodily, but as a spirit being.
4. That Jesus returned invisibly in 1914 (secretly to the Organization)
5. That Jesus was only a man when on earth, not the Word Become flesh.
6. That the Holy Spirit is only an active force, not the person of God.
7. That Hell is simply the grave.
8. That Heaven's doors is open to only 144,000.
9. That the majority of Witnesses must remain on earth.
10. That salvation is found only through the Organization.
11. That it must be maintained by energetic works for the Organization until the end when one may merit eternal life on a paradise earth.
12. That Satan is the author of the doctrine of the Trinity.
13. That Jesus cannot be given worship, but only honor as Jehovah's first creation.

The Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe or teach some of the very basic tenets of Christian doctrine. They deny what The Bible Teaches as Truth...

The 11 Beliefs You Should Know about Jehovah�s Witnesses When They Knock at the Door | TGC The 11 Beliefs You Should Know about Jehovah�s Witnesses When They Knock at the Door - By Justin Taylor, PhD

How Can We Know That We Are Saved? - by EDDIE L. HYATT - While in Ontario, Canada, Sue and I passed two Jehovah's Witness women standing on a busy street corner with racks of books and pamphlets they were giving to those passing by. As we passed, I felt a compassionate drawing toward them and so retraced my steps and politely opened a conversation with them.
   I began by asking them how, according to their church, a person can know they are saved and will go to heaven. The one who was obviously the leader answered that we cannot know if we are saved until we die. She then quoted the words of Jesus, "He who endures to the end shall be saved" (Matt. 24:13). I responded with the question, "Does that mean that at the end of our life if our good works outweigh our bad works, we will be OK?" She replied, "Yes." I then asked, "So what was the need for Jesus to come and die for our sins?" They did not have an answer.
   The conversation then turned to who Jesus is when they mentioned the name "Jehovah." I asked, "Do you believe Jesus is Jehovah?" She answered with an emphatic "No!" (Jehovah Witnesses believe Jesus is Michael the Archangel). I then asked, "Why then did Jesus receive worship from people?" I went on to say, "In the Old Testament only God is to be worshipped and it would be blasphemous for anyone, even an angel, to receive worship, but Jesus allowed people to worship Him." I then quoted John 8:58, where Jesus identified Himself with God who spoke to Moses from the burning bush and identified Himself as I Am. I pointed out that Jesus said to the Jews, "Before Abraham was I Am," and that the Jews then attempted to stone Him for blasphemy. At this point the leader politely brought the conversation to a close. I exhorted them to "follow Jesus" and went on my way with a sense of knowing I had obeyed the Lord and borne witness to His name.

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