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Dr. Charles S. Price
     May 7, 1887 -  March 8, 1947

Selected Golden Grain Magazine Sermons and a link to the complete Golden Grain collection

Selected Golden Grain Sermons

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Selected Golden Grain Magazine Sermons
Witness the work of the Holy Spirit within these Dr. Price Sermons.
 Sermons by Dr Charles S. Price
True Values   Man Can Know God   Word Spirit Substance  
In His Image   Who Is Your God The Revelation of the Mystery
That We Might Know Him   The God of All Flesh Patience
The Jewel of Peace   The Word of My Patience The Blood why it is precious
One Freedom   God's Exchange The God Who Is Enough
That Great Day  Revelation or Recitation Why do the Godly suffer?
Money in Heaven  Concerning Spiritual Gifts Perfection In Christ
Union With Christ  Visions In The Twinkling Of An Eye
Why weepest thou?
 Golden Grain - Prophecies
  December 1954   September 1956   

The History of Golden Grain Magazine

When former Congregational pastor Charles S. Price (1887-1947) left his Lodi, California, church for the evangelistic field, he packed out auditoriums throughout North America during the Roaring 20s and the Great Depression. He prayed for the sick and saw thousands respond to his altar appeals. But he needed a medium to teach and keep in touch with the people who were flocking to his meetings from every walk of life. Golden Grain became the answer.

Beginning in 1926, Price introduced his Golden Grain as a monthly periodical, which became a welcomed friend to thousands with its sermons, testimonies, schedules, campaign reports, and photographs. For more than 20 years, until his death in 1947, Price published Golden Grain. Then for the next 10 years, Evelyn Carvell edited the magazine.

In the year 1926, the Lord laid it upon the heart of Dr. Price to publish a monthly magazine that he called "Golden Grain" -- because the fields were ready for harvest. By this means he extended his ministry to the remote corners of the earth. The mechanical work of publishing the sermons was accomplished in various ways. sometimes a court reporter or stenographer took the messages as they were delivered from the platform. Still other times, one of his daughters would type the message on a portable typewriter while they were driving across the country from one appointment to another, It seemed every month's issue was brought forth in a special way.

At the time Dr. Price established residence in California, the "Golden Grain" office was in the State of Washington. God moved upon the heart of a business in the financial district of  Los Angeles to share his office space with Dr. Price, rent free. For several years this was his headquarters, bountifully provided for by the hand of God. In later years, headquarters was established in Pasadena, California.

During the depression, Dr. Price allowed subscribers who were unable to pay subscriptions to obtain "Golden Grain" free of charge. He felt this was the time when they needed the  added strength and encouragement, and he praised God for the opportunity to minister to them. 

The complete Golden Grain collection.

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Searchable PDF Files

These CD-ROMs contains a directory of all the issues published between 1926-1957, which are linked to the issues themselves. An advanced search engine is also provided which allows you to search for a word or phrase on every page in every issue. At the same time Adobe's Image-Hidden-Text technology makes it possible for you to view the Golden Grain issues as they were originally laid out.